The best oil for tanning

When you plan to get a tan, you have to make sure of a good oil to help increase the tanning process. Many uses baby oil when they are sun tanning, even many claims that it will only give you burns because it is a mineral oil used to moisten baby’s skin after bathing. Some other says they make use of olive oil but they combine it with carrot juice and iodine. Even canola oil was tried to test it out but wasn’t successful.

There a lot of stories going out which oil is best for tanning. Quite a number make use of petroleum jelly to get tan really fast. While others use coco butter body cream to achieve that tan. Still others use tanning oils which can be purchased around the malls. They make sure to check it is SPF4 when buying. They say some certain brands makes your tan lasts longer than any other brands and it is also inexpensive.

With all the oils available in the market, confusing as it can be in choosing the best oil to achieve natural tanning, it pays that we do our best effort in finding the most practical and safest way to get that tan. Effectiveness of the oil in tanning is not measured by its price, or if it is widely used. It still depends on how fast you get that sun tanned look.

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