Dark Lips Sink Ships!

Lip gloss is sexy!

Plumping lip gloss makes your lips look big enough, kissable and shiny. Besides, it has a nice smell and it can be applied whenever you want in order to make the others notice you.
Choose your plumping lip gloss according to the clothes you are wearing, according to all their colors.

Try more shades and select the shade which makes you feel the best. For a natural effect, cover the entire surface of your lips with a single shade of plumping lip gloss, close to the natural color of your lips.

In order to intensify the color of your plumping lip gloss, take a lip liner and make a delicate line on their border, then apply the lip gloss having the same color with the pencil.

For the plumping effect – choose a pencil having the shade darker than the shade of the lip gloss which you are going to use.

Remember that the lips are darker than the rest of the skin around them, so don’t exaggerate with the lip liner. Plumping lip gloss is the most revolutionary makeup product. It may be adopted by women of all the ages, so it must be found in your makeup kit as well. Plumping lip gloss may be transparent or colored, and it can always define your makeup, which will give your lips a sexy aspect.

However, we mustn’t exaggerate with the volume of our lips. It is sufficient to have them plumpy, they mustn’t look as if they were swollen. Harmony is essential in this case too. That is why you must use the appropriate plumping lip gloss, as well as the appropriate lip liner and lip stick, according to the type of your lips. For a plumping effect the lip gloss must be as natural as the initial color of your lips.

If you want sensual and shiny lips, there is plumping water shine lip gloss available on the market, having transparent, vibrant and nacred colors, and its touch may be delicious, jelly like, so that your lips should be the most amazing of all.

Eyes Up Here – Cool Shades – They make the outfit pop!

Besides, spring plumping lip gloss colors may cuddle your lips with shades like iced pink, iced coffee, or iced cerise, all of them fresh and glittering, golden and irresistible.

Iced berry plumping lip gloss is a mixture of purple and pink with golden hues, offering you a delicate, stylish makeup, so that when you look at yourself in the mirror you even won’t recognize your face.

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