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Craft projects using chewing gum sticks

applicationFor those people who have a gift for taking a little bit of string, leftover metal can lids and a Styrofoam block from the packing material and making a kid’s Halloween costume that wins prizes, thinking of craft projects using chewing gum sticks should be no problem at all.

Chewing gum sticks are very easy to work with, because they hold their shape, they are readily available and the price is right. For children’s party favors, you can create any number of whimsical creatures using the sticks and once they’ve served one purpose, the sticks become a chewable treat to send home with the child.

For example, the stick laying flat becomes the body of a butterfly. The butterfly with heart shaped wings becomes a Valentine party favor. The antenna of course, can be pipe cleaners curled.

The same stick of gum turned up on its side can be a fanciful multi-legged creature with pipe cleaner legs. This imaginary insect becomes a place card name holder as well.

Because chewing gum sticks hold their shape when curled, they can be used to form into all sorts of clever three dimensional figures. Attached to a Styrofoam base, rolled sticks of gum (very loosely) become the petals of a flower, either recognizable or pure whimsy. The delightful thing about working with sticks of gum is that they can be either wrapper, i.e. with the foil left on, or unwrapped.

Other craft projects utilizing sticks of chewing gum include designing a shingled cottage for cake decorating. If you don’t care about whether the chewing gum sticks will be chewed after the craft project is completed, these sticks can be spray painted or stuck into position using hot glue.

The important thing when using sticks of chewing gum in craft projects is that you are only limited by your imagination. If you can’t think of any way to use the sticks, provide a healthy supply of chewing gum sticks, flat pieces and even pillow pieces to a small group of youngsters on a rainy afternoon and see what they create. The results are sure to astonish you.

Once it’s exposed to air for any length of time, the chewing gum becomes brittle and hard. It can eventually have a consistence almost the same as a more brittle candy.
Because packs of chewing gum are inexpensive, you don’t need to worry about the cost of your creation.

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